VermaPlex_QuartsVermaPlex® is a concentrated all natural microbial soil amendment as well as a plant probiotic liquid, designed to enhance plant growth, flowering and fruit production.  VermaPlex® is also a soil inoculant, and because it is made from natural products, it is safe for the consumer and environment.

VermaPlex® is derived from pure Black Castings™ and contains liquid humate, soluble sea kelp, and other natural ingredients.

VermaPlex® contains:

  • hormones (such as cytokines and auxins),
  • vitamins,
  • enzymes,
  • useful microbes (such as heterotrophic bacteria, fungi, actinomycetes, nitrogen fixers, and phosphate stabilizers), and
  • micronutrients (soluble nutrients) that are readily available to plants and disease suppressing organisms

The microbes contained in VermaPlex®:

  • consume the food that plants put out (exudates from leaves and roots increase the disease suppressive bacteria and fungi properties of VermaPlex®, eliminating the food source for disease causing organisms),
  • may consume disease causing organisms, occupy the space around a plant or may compete for the food source at an infection site,
  • produce compounds that inhibit growth of disease causing organisms,
  • retain nutrients in the soil around plants so additional fertilizer may not be needed (which might otherwise leach into ground water),
  • make nutrients available to plants at rates plants require,
  • detoxify soil and water to promote aerobic conditions, and
  • build soil structure that allows water and air to reach root systems (well aerated and moisture holding soils result in healthier plants that require less water).

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